Whisper Tones and Pop Tones

Do you know what “whisper tones” and “pop tones” are? David Hickman taught them to Randy, and now Randy explains…

“It’s Not the Best Player Who Wins a Job, It’s the Best Prepared Player”

Today, we are interviewing one of the most relevant trumpeters in the Chicago area, who also happens to be a great person: Bill Denton. He studied with James Thompson and with Dave Hickman, among others; he has performed in the US Army Field Band and with other entities before winning his fist orchestra position in the Alabama Symphony. Currently, he is the principal trumpet of the Lyric Opera of Chicago Orchestra. In addition to his interview with Trumpet Magazine, he shares none other than a PDF of exercises for our Members!

“Even the Most Technical Exercise Should Have Some Sense of Musicality”

The interviewee we have today in Trumpet Magazine is a young Colombian professor who studied in the United States and through intense musical study has obtained a doctorate and the position of assistant professor of Trumpet and director of the Mariachi Program at Texas A&M International University. A very interesting Interview! And of course, he is sharing some exercises on a PDF, exclusively for subscribers!
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