Reinhold Friedrich

Reinhold Friedrich

If Edward Tarr was our Featured Artist in February, we wanted Reinhold Friedrich (his successor, his pupil, his son) to be our Featured Artist for March.
Edward H. Tarr's Birthday

Concert In Memoriam Edward Tarr

At the request of Irmy Tarr, Edward Tarr's widow, we publish in Trumpet Magazine the letter that the famous trumpeter Reinhold Friedrich (Ed's student) has written as an invitation to this "In memoriam" Concert.


Luís Macedo — de trompetista clásico a ‘lead’ de una de las mejores big bands de Europa En Trumpet Magazine…

An Interview with Selina Ott — First Prize Winner, ARD Competition in Munich, 2018

We wanted to interview this young Austrian for Trumpet Magazine, who just won the first prize in the 2018 edition of the International Music Competition of the ARD in Munich (Germany), in the specialty of trumpet. After talking with her, we can conclude that Selina has three important qualities: humility, talent and hard work.

Edward H. Tarr: “Musicianship Is Just as Important as Technique”

Out interviewee today is without doubt one of the people that has most investigated and has published more than anyone in respects to the trumpet and its history. A large part of the bibliography that we have regarding our instrument, we owe to him. He was the professor of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis for 30 years, and possessor of an innumerable amount of awards and distinctions. It is a grand honor to have him with us in Trumpet Magazine, so don’t miss this interview! Especially the PDF of exercises that he shares with our members!

John Foster: “You Can Be the World’s Greatest Technician on the Trumpet, but Without Great Musicianship, All That Great Trumpet Playing Is Wasted”

Today, our interviewee is one of the key people of today's Australia trumpet world. He studied in both Australia and the United Kingdom with some of the best baroque and modern trumpet players. He was a member of the Auckland Philharmonia and the Sydney Symphony, teacher at the Sydney Conservatorium, and is currently trumpet and artistic director of the Australian Baroque Brass as well as the director of the Australasian Trumpet Academy. His tips for managing stage anxiety are great!
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