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We are so excited to present you with this new, fully online publication. All my life, I’ve participated in the time-honored tradition of music education, sharing my knowledge with my students just as my professors shared their knowledge with me. The IJM widens the pedagogical circle for any musician willing to learn, publishing academic and performance-based insights by seasoned musicians, educators and ambitious students. You will find articles for different instruments in their respective magazines, such as this one. You are able to access, submit, and review articles on our IJM website (https://ijm.education).


Arthur Zanin, Editor in Chief

trumpet vent holes

The Unnatural Trumpet: The Adoption of Vent Holes in the 1960s and ’70s

With the founding of the Cappella Coloniensis in 1954 by the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) in Cologne, historically informed performance style was adopted by the modern orchestral scene. (Nikolaus Harnoncourt’s Concentus Musicus had preceded this group by one year.) The orchestra’s instrumentation was copied from that of the Dresden court orchestra in the late 17th century. Not only were old string instruments found and rebuilt to 17th-century standards; it was also necessary to build models of Baroque and Classical woodwind and brass instruments. Another similar ensemble which I soon joined was the Collegium Aureum. It was founded in 1962, also in Cologne, by the record label Deutsche Harmonia Mundi. In both of these groups, the natural trumpet resisted adoption.
Oskar Böhme

Oskar Böhme Revisited

In 1997 the ITG Journal published my article, “The Böhme Brothers, Oskar and Willi.” Under the simpler title, “The Böhme Brothers,” it has since been expanded into Chapter 5 of my book, "East Meets West," which at the time of this writing is going to press under the auspices of the Historic Brass Society (HBS) and the International Trumpet Guild (ITG) in the Pendragon Press’ Bucina series. Here I will only dwell briefly on that material, in order to examine certain aspects of Böhme and his time in greater detail. (NB. There will be no footnotes in the sections of this article derived from "East Meets West," where all relevant details can be found.)

Elevate Your Thinking to Elevate Your Playing

In this article, I provide suggestions for how brass players can improve their playing by developing their imagination. I present practical examples of how I have developed my own imagination and how I have helped students develop theirs in order to improve their performance. These examples include methods for clarifying musical ideas and improving their communication.

The Trumpet in the Work of Johann Sebastian Bach

The following article is a small analytical contribution of literature for trumpet throughout the works of Johann Sebastian Bach. Learn about Gottfried Reiche, the trumpeter who had the fortune of inaugurating most of the composer's work for this instrument, view the most common trumpets of that time and the connection of factors that allowed an immortal legacy of instrument building during the height of the baroque trumpet era, and what would become of great importance for the future development of this instrument. See, one by one, the cantatas, oratorios, suites and the other sixty-five compositions where the trumpet appears, as well as a brief symbolic analysis and catalogue. This is an enthusiastic perspective, from a trumpeter’s point of view, who admires and rejoices in such works of art; works that are exalted and eternal. There is always a beneficial gift after performing the music autographed by Bach.
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