Buying a New Mouthpiece Made Easy by Legends Brass

Are you searching for a new trumpet mouthpiece that is of the highest quality available on the market but still affordable? If this is you, look no further than Legends Brass.
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Legends Brass is a company based in Lenoir City, TN. Legends Brass was started by Derek Saidak who developed the company over several years as he searched for his perfect trumpet mouthpiece. After trying dozens of mouthpieces, Derek was still struggling to find the ultimate mouthpiece. He eventually sold some of his custom mouthpieces and discovered that people enjoyed the mouthpieces he had created. Derek also discovered that many mouthpieces used by legends such as Maynard Ferguson, Bill Chase, Roy Stevens, and many others were no longer available. Derek and his company began gathering vintage mouthpieces and using these to help design modern versions of the vintage mouthpieces.

The company now works with Peter Pickett of Pickett Blackburn to manufacture their mouthpieces. They use CNC technology to manufacture their mouthpieces so that the mouthpieces are created to exact specifications. Legends Brass is also concerned about the sound the mouthpieces’ produce. Whether this is a brilliant sound to boost the upper register or a dark sound with lots of core, they try to give their customers as much information as possible so that they are well-informed before making their purchase.

The sound is not the only thing that is important to this company; each mouthpiece is based on the customer’s specific need. The company provides mouthpieces for trumpet players of all genres and levels. They provide a large selection of mouthpieces focused on those wanting to play in the upper register, solo, lead, and commercial playing.

Not only are the mouthpieces created for specific gigs, but they are also more affordable because Legends Brass doesn’t maintain a storefront. Because this store is online, it provides savings for their customers (as well as professional-quality mouthpieces!). Legends Brass works hard to maintain 100% satisfaction with their customers. They also provide help if you’re unsure of which model you should buy. Their website is easy to navigate and user-friendly; they also have a contact form you can use for any questions here.

Before you contact Legends Brass, you should first consider looking through their different series of mouthpieces. One of the series of mouthpieces at Legends Brass is called the “Hall of Legends”. The “Hall of Legends” mouthpieces can be found here. These pieces are created by scanning the vintage mouthpiece using CNC technology. The company occasionally makes minor adjustments to improve the playability of the mouthpiece, but they are careful not to take away from the uniqueness of the piece. Their goal is to “preserve the history and sound of legendary trumpet icons by recreating the mouthpieces they played”. The mouthpieces in this collection include pieces based upon those used by Roy Eldridge, Cat Anderson, Dizzy Gillespie, and many others.

There are several other series of mouthpieces available as well; these include the “Signature Series”, “JT Mouthpieces”, as well as a few others.

If you can’t find a mouthpiece that you want in any of the series, you can also create your own. Legends Brass creates mouthpieces that are made for your distinct needs. They are specifically able to customize the rim diameter, throat size, rim contour, and much more. You can read more about their custom mouthpieces and fill out a form here. With the custom mouthpieces, you will work with Derek, the owner of the company, over the phone or through email to design a mouthpiece. Derek will work with you to ensure that you receive the best mouthpiece possible.

If you are looking for a new mouthpiece, Legends Brass will be able to provide you with a quality piece at an affordable price. Their excellent customer service will give you the best communication possible to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

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