The French School by Ernesto Chuliá

In this essential course, Ernesto Chuliá —a pupil of Maurice André— explains the characteristics of the French School through the most important French methods (Arban, Franquin, Petit…).

Juan Fernando Avendaño’s Routine

Juan Fernando Avendaño (trumpet soloist of the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia) shows us his interesting trumpet routine.

You Must Be Smarter Than the Trumpet

In this great series of video lessons, Dennis Edelbrock (adjunct professor of Trumpet at George Mason University) offers us his enormous experience as a trumpeter and as a teacher, teaching us how to practice intelligently and getting the most out of it.

A Lot of Ideas for Trumpet Routines

In this course we have a handful of teachers who will explain to us what their basic ideas are regarding the different issues we work on during a practice routine: warm-up, technical maintenance, etc.

Extreme High Register

Would you like to learn to play high notes but have no idea how to start? Well, Toño Moreno, who is one of the leading Mexican players, will teach you how to master them.

Road to Popular Music

Isidro Martínez is one of the leading trumpet players in popular and commercial music in Latin America, and at Trumpet Magazine we are lucky enough to have him to explain how we should approach this style.

Benjamin Moreno’s Routine

In this comprehensive course, Benjamín Moreno reviews all the points he goes through daily in his practice routine: breathing, buzzing, bending, flexibility, articulation... Very interesting!
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