Michael Sarian’s Routine

Brooklyn trumpet player, composer and bandleader Michael Sarian shares with us the interesting trumpet routine that allows him to be ready for his multiple performances.

Trumpet Fundamentals by José Sibaja

José Sibaja (member of Boston Brass, associate professor at Vanderbilt University and a legendary session musician) condenses his trumpet philosophy in this series of video lessons.

You Must Be Smarter Than the Trumpet

In this great series of video lessons, Dennis Edelbrock (adjunct professor of Trumpet at George Mason University) offers us his enormous experience as a trumpeter and as a teacher, teaching us how to practice intelligently and getting the most out of it.

Working as a Team

We have a lot of courses to learn technique, soloist repertoire, jazz... but music is more enjoyed in groups, so here you have this course to learn how to work in a team.

How to Learn and Teach the Trumpet

In this course different teachers will give us some tips both to learn ourselves and to teach our students to play the trumpet.

A Lot of Ideas for Trumpet Routines

In this course we have a handful of teachers who will explain to us what their basic ideas are regarding the different issues we work on during a practice routine: warm-up, technical maintenance, etc.

Practice While Paying Attention to Details

José Cháfer gives us an extremely complete practice routine that takes in the majority of technical aspects necessary for playing the trumpet. He pays special attention not on what to practice but on how to practice them.

Fernando Ciancio’s Routine

Playing in a symphony orchestra and being a soloist requires that you perform at an elite level on a daily basis. In this series, Fernando Ciancio (principal trumpet of the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra, Argentina) shows his routine.

The “Fedes” Method for Mariachi Trumpet

The Fedes Method is a method book for Mariachi trumpet playing. Its author is the very same instructor in this course, Federico Torres Jr., who demonstrates how to put into practice techniques from his book.

Extreme High Register

Would you like to learn to play high notes but have no idea how to start? Well, Toño Moreno, who is one of the leading Mexican players, will teach you how to master them.

Road to Popular Music

Isidro Martínez is one of the leading trumpet players in popular and commercial music in Latin America, and at Trumpet Magazine we are lucky enough to have him to explain how we should approach this style.
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