Extreme High Register

Would you like to learn to play high notes but have no idea how to start? Well, Toño Moreno, who is one of the leading Mexican players, will teach you how to master them.

Fábio Brum’s Routine

Brazilian soloist Fábio Brum shows us his daily routine, in which he wisely condenses all the trumpet's basics into three parts — lips, mouthpiece and trumpet.

Understanding Endurance on the Trumpet

Endurance is one of the things a trumpet player most desires, and we felt it was important to have a course dedicated to it. In it, different teachers will give us their advice and impressions about this quality of brass players.

Learn to Play and Improve Your Playing with the Members of Spanish Brass

Spanish Brass is one of the most internationally recognized metal quintets. Its trumpet members, Carlos Benetó and Juanjo Serna, offer you this complete course of trumpet fundamentals for all levels, whether you are a beginner who wants to learn or a professional who wants to improve. Awesome!
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