The French School by Ernesto Chuliá

In this essential course, Ernesto Chuliá —a pupil of Maurice André— explains the characteristics of the French School through the most important French methods (Arban, Franquin, Petit…).

Improvisation for Insiders

We have an improvisation course for beginners, and it was right to also have an improvisation course for those who already have basic notions and want to go further — just for the brave!

Improvisation for Beginners

If you don't know how to improvise but you'd like to learn, this is the perfect course to start with.

Daily Routine for a Well-Rounded Trumpet Player

Matthew Simon is an American trumpet player who studied with Jimmy Stamp, Roger Voisin and Bobby Shew, and who today, besides being a teacher at the ESMUC and the Liceo de Barcelona (two of the best schools in Spain), is a musician who has collaborated with great artists such as Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Bebo Valdés, Chano Domínguez, Joan Manuel Serrat, Ibrahim Ferrer and many more. In this course he will teach you a handful of technical exercises that keep him in shape.
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