Your Sound Is Your Ultimate Teacher

Pay close attention, because the content of this course is pure gold: the entire trumpet philosophy of one of the people who know our instrument best, Stephen Burns, condensed in just over an hour and a half. Lessons that range from how we should focus our study to how to phrase, for example. A real gem.

Working as a Team

We have a lot of courses to learn technique, soloist repertoire, jazz... but music is more enjoyed in groups, so here you have this course to learn how to work in a team.

How to Play in the Orchestra

The qualities of an orchestral trumpet player are very different from those of a jazz or commercial trumpet player. Neither better nor worse, simply different. And in this course we wanted to bring together some orchestral trumpet players who will give their views and advice in this regard.

How to Learn and Teach the Trumpet

In this course different teachers will give us some tips both to learn ourselves and to teach our students to play the trumpet.

A Lot of Ideas for Trumpet Routines

In this course we have a handful of teachers who will explain to us what their basic ideas are regarding the different issues we work on during a practice routine: warm-up, technical maintenance, etc.

Advice on How to Play an Instrument More Efficiently

In this course by Ph.D. Guillermo Dalia (a Spanish Psychologist specialising in musicians) you will receive a ton of suggestions on how to improve your efficiency on your instrument. It could be for your practice session, for the day of the concert or for the necessary mental and physical rest required by playing.

Extreme High Register

Would you like to learn to play high notes but have no idea how to start? Well, Toño Moreno, who is one of the leading Mexican players, will teach you how to master them.
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