Learning Methodology by Jordi Albert

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About Course

Jordi Albert, Ph.D., is a trumpet player and pedagogue who has become very famous for helping musicians with learning difficulties. At Trumpet Magazine we are fortunate to have him share his innovative methodology with us. Over a 6 hours course!

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Topics for this course

36 Lessons06h 40m 13s

How We Learn to Play the Trumpet

Part 111:01
Part 214:22
Part 314:13
Part 410:00
Part 59:18

Posture and Breathing for the Trumpet

Sound Production on the Trumpet

Movement of the Column of Sound

About the Embouchure of a Trumpeter

Working on the Mouthpiece

Utility of Lip Buzzing

Diction on the Trumpet

Pedal Tones on the Trumpet

Introduction to the C Trumpet

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