Benjamin Wright

Benjamin Wright: “You Should Always Be Listening to Yourself and Trying to Create the Sound You’re Hearing in Your Head”

Benjamin Wright is a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and shares his prolific idea to create an online seminar for trumpet players; this seminar gives an abundance of information on various topics to challenge trumpet players and help them improve. Benjamin also shares his insights on teaching, technique, and advice for teachers and students.

“Etudes Will Show Your Weaknesses and Help You Understand Music Making as Well”

He has participated in two Grammy award-winning recordings, has performed with such artists as Neil Diamond, Neil Young, James Brown, Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, and his trumpet can be heard in a number of movie soundtracks. Today he teaches at CalArts and is a Yamaha Performing Artist. Ladies and gentlemen, John Fumo.
Gábor Tarkövi

“Every Note We Play With the Trumpet Has to Sound Like Music”

He has been nothing less than a soloist of the Berlin Philharmonic since 2004. He recently left the position to teach full time at the Berlin University of the Arts (the students of that university are lucky!). And today he is with us here at Trumpet Magazine for an interview: the incomparable, Gábor Tarkövi.
Marco Pierobon

“Always Think About the Musical Line, Not Each Separated Note!”

When he is not giving classes in the Claudio Monteverdi Conservatory in Bolzano, he is performing concerts with his brass quintet, the Gomalan Brass, or as a soloist, with his brilliant Yamaha trumpets. Ladies and gentlemen: the great Marco Pierobon!