Gábor Tarkövi

Gábor Tarkövi: “Every Note We Play With the Trumpet Has to Sound Like Music”

He has been nothing less than a soloist of the Berlin Philharmonic since 2004. He recently left the position to teach full time at the Berlin University of the Arts (the students of that university are lucky!). And today he is with us here at Trumpet Magazine for an interview: the incomparable, Gábor Tarkövi.
Max Sommerhalder

Max Sommerhalder: “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”

Today, we have another renowned European trumpeter, a teacher of many great trumpeters that occupy coveted seats in orchestras and universities all over the world: the great Max Sommerhalder. Thank you generously giving a part of your time, Max!

Andrea Tofanelli: “All Music We Play Makes Us Better, Even If It’s a Different and Opposite Genre”

Today in Trumpet Magazine, we have one of the most well-known Italian trumpet players on the international stage. He has played with Maynard Ferguson’s Big Bop Nouveau Band, but he’s also performed alongside artists like Pavarotti, George Michael, Tom Jones, Michael Bublé, and Gloria Gaynor. He is also a Yamaha artist and has offered a quit broad interview. Thanks, Andrea!

Manu Mellaerts: “If One Needs Too Much Time to Warm Up, It Usually Means That Something Is Wrong”

This interview will be the first in a series of interviews with famous European soloists, and we’ll begin with the great Manu Mellaerts, principal of La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra, professor at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels and leader of Belgian Brass, apart from being a Yamaha artist and a professor in Trumpet Magazine School! You can’t miss all the knowledge Manu shares with us here!