Joey Tartell: “If You Play the Trumpet Well, Then You Are Free to Make Music. If You Run Into Problems Playing Music, Then There’s Something to Address in Technical Practice”

Our interviewee today has studied with some of the best such as Mel Broiles, Barbara Butler, and Gil Johnson. He played in the Jazz Ambassadors of the US Army Band, and left during his Masters to go on the road with Maynard Ferguson, playing lead. His names is Joey Tartell, and his currently teaching at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, USA. Look at what Joey has to say and the exercise he shares with us!

Kevin Gebo: “A Focus on Good Sound, Versatility, Transposition and Sight Reading Comprise a Large Majority of Our Work Together”

Today we have Kevin Gebo, trumpeter of the United States Army Band ‘Pershing's Own,’ for more than 10 years. Kevin has been a laureate in various competitions — he even participated as a trumpet soloist on the recording of ‘Songs of Innocence and of Experience’ by William Bolcom (winner of four Grammys in 2006) — and since 2017, he shares all his knowledge as an adjunct professor at George Mason University. Kevin is someone you just have to meet!

Larry Powell: “Students Need to Commit to Being a Serious Musician. There Are Too Many Mediocre Players Out There. We Don’t Need Any More!”

Today we have Larry Powell, a former student of Vince DiMartino from Kentucky, as well as a former student of Marvin Perry, Dan Gosling, and George Weimer. From 2007, he is the adjunct professor of Trumpet at the Universality of Indianapolis. Moreover, he plays principal trumpet in none other than four orchestras! If you want to know more about Cichowicz and flow exercises, this is your man…

Jim Rotondi: “We Can Learn All the Hip Music There Is in the World, but If We Don’t Have the Technique to Express and Execute, It’s a Waste”

Today we have the pleasure of publishing an interview with Jim Rotondi, renowned North American jazz trumpeter, educator, and director. After 20 years in New York City and working with an incredible number of different artists like Ray Charles or Lionel Hampton, Jim is now living in Graz (Austria), where he is teaching at the university. Don’t miss this interview with Jim and the exercise he shares with us!

Stephen Campbell: “The Time-Honored Methods of Cichowicz, Clarke, Arban, Saint-Jacome, Etc., Are the Building Block of Successful Technique and Musicianship Based on Practicality”

Today we have an interview with Stephen Campbell, a trumpeter who formed his playing in his home state of Texas before going to Cincinnati, studying with Alan Siebert, Philip Collins, and Marie Speziale. Actually, he is the principal trumpet of the Lexington Philharmonic in Kentucky, USA and assistant professor at Ball State University. Would you like to know how manner of practicing? Well come on, look at what he tells us!

Rex Richardson: “Only Practice When You Can Be Productive; If You Can’t Get Yourself Into a Receptive, Productive State of Mind, You Should Stop and Try Again After a Break”

Today, we have an interview with Rex Richardson, a Yamaha artist and one of the most eclectic trumpeters today, who just released a recording of original compositions by Allen Vizzutti, Anthony Plog, Andy Scott, and James Stephenson. Don’t miss this interview with one of our own professors here at Trumpet Magazine School!

Florian Klinger: “It Is Very Important to Have a Good Base and to Know How to Teach Yourself When Problems Occur”

Today, it is an honor to interview a fundamental element of the trumpet in Europe: Florian Klinger, principal trumpet of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (Germany) for the past 20 years and professor at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz (Austria). We have been on this interview for awhile and we can finally enjoy all the experience that Florian imparts on all of us. Don’t miss it!

Alan Wise: “Too Many of the Mouthpiece Makers Make What They Think You Should Be Playing. Derek (Legends Brass) Listens to You and Makes What You Want”

We don’t always have the possibility to interview one of the trumpet players that played the most time with the legendary Maynard Ferguson and his big band. Today, we have the huge honor of speaking with Alan Wise, a high note veteran of reputation, and we have asked him about his years with Maynard and his vision of music. Also, Alan has presented us with an interesting exercise for trumpet! This is something you should not miss!

Marc Reese: “If You Work on Keeping Your Whole Body Relaxed While Using Supportive Air to Practice Fundamentals, You Will Be Able to Play Any Repertoire Required of You”

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Marc Reese, professor at the Lynn Conservatory for the past 20 years. Before that, Marc was a member of the Empire Brass for 17 years and was a student of Roger Voisin, which he hold a popular trumpet competition in his honor. Don’t miss this interesting interview (especially the exercise that Marc share with us!).

Matthias Höfs: “The Total Time One Studies Is Not Important. the Important Thing Is Always Studying With Efficiency”

When the German Brass became known world-wide, brass musicians were not only amazed by the incredible sound and the clean technique of the group, but trumpet players were struck by the impressive solo piccolo playing and perfect articulation. We eventually learned that the name of that piccolo player was Matthias Höfs — a former student of Konradin Groth, who became a soloist of the Hamburg State Philharmonic Orchestra at the age of 18, and has since been a member of the German Brass as well as an arranger for the group. Since 2000, he also teaches at the University of Hamburg. He is an authentic beast of the German trumpet. Today we are lucky to interview him here in Trumpet Magazine (and he also shares an exercise with us to improve our tonguing!). Thanks, Matthias!