Alan Wise: “Too Many of the Mouthpiece Makers Make What They Think You Should Be Playing. Derek (Legends Brass) Listens to You and Makes What You Want”

We don’t always have the possibility to interview one of the trumpet players that played the most time with the legendary Maynard Ferguson and his big band. Today, we have the huge honor of speaking with Alan Wise, a high note veteran of reputation, and we have asked him about his years with Maynard and his vision of music. Also, Alan has presented us with an interesting exercise for trumpet! This is something you should not miss!

Marc Reese: “If You Work on Keeping Your Whole Body Relaxed While Using Supportive Air to Practice Fundamentals, You Will Be Able to Play Any Repertoire Required of You”

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Marc Reese, professor at the Lynn Conservatory for the past 20 years. Before that, Marc was a member of the Empire Brass for 17 years and was a student of Roger Voisin, which he hold a popular trumpet competition in his honor. Don’t miss this interesting interview (especially the exercise that Marc share with us!).

Matthias Höfs: “The Total Time One Studies Is Not Important. the Important Thing Is Always Studying With Efficiency”

When the German Brass became known world-wide, brass musicians were not only amazed by the incredible sound and the clean technique of the group, but trumpet players were struck by the impressive solo piccolo playing and perfect articulation. We eventually learned that the name of that piccolo player was Matthias Höfs — a former student of Konradin Groth, who became a soloist of the Hamburg State Philharmonic Orchestra at the age of 18, and has since been a member of the German Brass as well as an arranger for the group. Since 2000, he also teaches at the University of Hamburg. He is an authentic beast of the German trumpet. Today we are lucky to interview him here in Trumpet Magazine (and he also shares an exercise with us to improve our tonguing!). Thanks, Matthias!

Jason Dovel: “Rhythm and Sight-Reading Are Common Problems”

Today we have Jason Dovel, a professor of the "Chicago School", who has taught and played in the Oklahoma and Arkansas areas for 6 years, until becoming the trumpet professor at the University of Kentucky in 2013. In addition, he is a true lover of the Baroque trumpet. Do not miss this interview, you will learn a lot from him. Dovel doesn’t just include an exercise in efficiency of the attack, but he also shares a warm-up exercise for the Baroque trumpet!

Frits Damrow: “Pierre Thibaud Taught Me That, Without Discipline and Hard Work, Nothing Will Improve”

Today, we are interviewing a person who won his first position as a principal soloist (in the Netherlands Radio Symphony) before finalizing his studies. Afterwards, he turned into one of the most historic soloists of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam, where he occupied the seat for 20 years, and is now the professor of Trumpet at the Zurich University of the Arts since 2009. We are talking about none other than Frits Damrow. Don’t forget to download his exercises that he is sharing from his book, “Shape Up”.

James Ackley: “I Don’t Think Younger People Want It Hard Enough”

Today we have James Ackley, professor of trumpet at the University of South Carolina School of Music, principal trumpet of the South Carolina Philharmonic and a Yamaha Artist. Even more, James collaborates with many American orchestras and is constantly invited to give masterclasses and performances at festivals and schools all over the world. We have the fortunate pleasure to have him as a professor in our Virtual School in Trumpet Magazine. Apart from sharing this interview with us, he is also sharing a 14 week routine! You have to know him!

Vince DiMartino: “I Try to Teach Students the Understanding of How to Practice”

Today we are interviewing a living legend on the trumpet, the grand Vince DiMartino. With more than 40 years of experience as a soloist and educator, he has been converted into one of the most admired trumpet figures in the world. The Trumpet Magazine School has his video lessons available, but in this interview, you may also enjoy a piece of his wisdom (a PDF exercise is included).

Chad McCullough: “I’m Not Really a Fan of Differentiating Between ‘Classical’ and ‘Jazz’ Trumpet… We All Play Arban’s and We All Play Charlier”

Today, our interview is with Chad McCullough, am American jazz trumpeter with an impressive calendar of concerts in his own country and internationally. He was a student of, none other than, Allen Vizzutti and Tim Hagans, and played with the Glenn Miller Orchestra. When not on tour, he teaches at DePaul University and the Merit School of Music in Chicago. This is an interview you cannot miss, not just for jazz lovers but also for those that play “Classical” and want to expand their horizon! It includes an interesting exercise in PDF format for members of Trumpet Magazine! How could you miss this opportunity?!

Joe Pino: “Do as Much Listening to Recordings as You Can. Hear the Greats. The More Time You Put In, the Better You Will Become as a Player”

Today, we interview Joe Pino, a trumpeter often screen at the best jazz clubs in New York City, and someone you will also have seen on the national tour of 'Bullets over Broadway' by Woody Allen and the musical 'Elf' in Madison Square Garden. Be sure to download the exercises he shares with the members of Trumpet Magazine!

Michael Sarian: “The More You Know About Any Subject Will Improve Your Musicality, So the More You Know About Other Techniques and Genres, the Better”

He is of Armenian descent, was born in Canada, grew up in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and has lived in Brooklyn, New York (USA) for a few years. This cultural mix is probably reflected in the music he makes. He studied with such greats as Laurie Frink and Ralph Alessi, has published several albums and leads his own groups with whom he maintains an intense artistic activity. We present to you, the great Michael Sarian! Do not miss the interesting exercise that he shares in PDF to work on scales and arpeggios in odd meters!

Jonathan Ruff: “Winning the 2013 Grammy Award for Best Tropical Latin Album Is Beyond Anything I Ever Imagined”

The trumpeter we will interview today is no more and no less an absolute lover of music. He has had an immense career as a freelancer in California, but also was a member of the Band of the Golden West for 20 years, and has won a Grammy Award. Don’t miss this interview with Jon Ruff, who is just loaded with knowledge… and also don’t miss this interesting PDF of exercises that he wrote with his own hand for the members of Trumpet Magazine!
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