“The Trumpet Is a Demanding Instrument, but If You Give It the Attention It Requires Everyday and Approach It the Right Way, You Will Have Success”

Today we have Eric Siereveld, the new Assistant Professor of Trompeta at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, a young musician that is involved with the William Adam philosophy of trumpet playing and has had a lot of freelance experience in all musical genres while living New York city. Don’t miss all the information he shares with Trumpet Magazine… and the exercise in PDF for subscribers!

“Knowledge Gleaned From Overcoming Obstacles Can Be More Easily Communicated to Students Than the Things I Can Do Naturally”

Today, we have an interview with David Krauss, a student of Wynton Marsalis and currently the principal trumpet of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, who also maintains his intense pedagogical works as a professor in the Juilliard School Pre-College Division, Rutgers University, Mannes School of Music, Manhattan School of Music, Boston University Tanglewood Institute, Berkshire Summer Music… He is every bit of an international figure in the trumpet world and was willing to share his knowledge with Trumpet Magazine… and an exercise in PDF for members!

“Results Will Only Happen When Students Honestly Assess Their Weaknesses and Take Them to Task”

In this new chapter we have Brandon Craswell, Associate Professor of Trumpet at University of Georgia, in Athens (USA). Brandon is also a professor of our Trumpet Magazine School, where we have several interesting videos of his, but we also wanted to share his experience with our members through an interview. Brandon gives us a few tips that he uses when working on Clarke studies with his students.

“Most Technical/Physical Issues Can Be Solved by Focusing on the Music Itself”

Today we have the honor of interviewing a celebrity trumpeter, composer and director, Stanley Friedman, who also shares a preview of his soon to be published book with members of Trumpet Magazine — the book is called “Symmetrical Studies” (exercises and warm-ups designed to increase the register, maintain constant airflow and centering notes). Thank you, Stanley!

“So Much of Trumpet Playing Relies on Healthy, Balanced Playing”

Today we have David Dash, professor at the University of North Carolina, who shares his practice routine and philosophy with our thousands of users. In addition, subscribers will get a free PDF with an exercise that is specially designed to work on the Respighi "Pines of Rome" solo!

“My Teacher, Pierre Thibaud, Told Us All the Time — ‘You Should Know Your Trumpet Concerti at 150% to Be Able to Play It at 90% During an Audition or Exam’”

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Philippe Litzler, principal of the Tonhalle Orchester Zürich and professor at the Lucerne School of Music (Switzerland), a European exponent (student of Thibaud in Paris) who also wanted to share a basic practice routine that he designed for his students with the members of Trumpet Magazine. Thanks, Philippe!

“Developing a Healthy Embouchure and Awareness of Use of Relaxed Air Are Key to Success as a Trumpet Player”

Today we have Brian Neal, who, apart from forming the Dallas Brass for 10 years and as soloist of the Miami Symphony, is now the trumpet professor at Miami Dade College. (And now we have him as a professor in Trumpet Magazine!). For subscribers, he is sharing a PDF of Caruso exercises adapted by Julie Landsman, titled “Lips + Mouthpiece + Trumpet.”

“When You Have a Good Sound, You Can Play Just Two Notes and the Entire World Appreciates It; With a Bad Sound, You Can Play Two Million Notes and Nobody Will Pay Attention”

You can not imagine how much we wanted to publish this interview. Our guest today needs no introduction. All of us have grown up listening to his music, which has served as an inspiration for generations of trumpet players. Even those who are not musicians have ever heard his name: Arturo Sandoval. It is an honor for us that he shares his knowledge with Trumpet Magazine and an exercise for members!

“Mouthpiece Buzzing Exposes (and Often Cures) a Multitude of Embouchure Problems”

In this newly added interview, we have Elisa Koehler (professor at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, USA), and also the author of the interesting books, "Fanfares and Finesse: A Performer’s Guide to Trumpet History and Literature", and "A Dictionary for the Modern Trumpet Player". Her experience in teaching, performing, directing, and researching is really impressive. And the exercise she shares with our subscribers to simulate a natural trumpet on the modern trumpet in B-flat is fascinating!