Elisa Koehler: “Mouthpiece Buzzing Exposes (and Often Cures) a Multitude of Embouchure Problems”

In this newly added interview, we have Elisa Koehler (professor at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, USA), and also the author of the interesting books, "Fanfares and Finesse: A Performer’s Guide to Trumpet History and Literature", and "A Dictionary for the Modern Trumpet Player". Her experience in teaching, performing, directing, and researching is really impressive. And the exercise she shares with our subscribers to simulate a natural trumpet on the modern trumpet in B-flat is fascinating!

Tomislav Špoljar: “When You Have a Kid at 9 Years Old Who Happens to Be Very Active, You Cannot Easily Assign Them on Long Tone Drills”

In this new addition we have a trumpeter who, after studying with some incredible international teachers, has realized an unrelenting labor founding trumpet schools in his country, Croatia, where the trumpet has only just begun to exist. Furthermore, he is the artistic director of the only Croatian music festival dedicated to brass instruments. Don’t miss out on the advice he gives about teaching the trumpet to children and the valuable exercises in PDF format he is sharing!

Mary Bowden: “If You Can Sing a Piece With the Correct Pitches, It Will Be So Much Easier on the Trumpet”

The trumpeter that we have the pleasure of interviewing today is a young woman of 35 years, who knows how to form her own career as a concert artist, even after the demanding work with several groups that she has also founded (Seraph Brass and Chrysalis Chamber Players), and teaching as an artist in residence at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (USA). Even more, she is a professor in Trumpet Magazine! Don’t miss out of the PDF exercises that she shares with our members, for free.

Edward H. Tarr: “Musicianship Is Just as Important as Technique”

Out interviewee today is without doubt one of the people that has most investigated and has published more than anyone in respects to the trumpet and its history. A large part of the bibliography that we have regarding our instrument, we owe to him. He was the professor of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis for 30 years, and possessor of an innumerable amount of awards and distinctions. It is a grand honor to have him with us in Trumpet Magazine, so don’t miss this interview! Especially the PDF of exercises that he shares with our members!

Oswaldo Zapata: “Even the Most Technical Exercise Should Have Some Sense of Musicality”

The interviewee we have today in Trumpet Magazine is a young Colombian professor who studied in the United States and through intense musical study has obtained a doctorate and the position of assistant professor of Trumpet and director of the Mariachi Program at Texas A&M International University. A very interesting Interview! And of course, he is sharing some exercises on a PDF, exclusively for subscribers!

David Baldwin: “I Can Give My Students a Boat-Load of Ideas and Materials, but Their Drive to Get Better Is Their Own”

He is known worldwide for his mythical recording of Charlier’s 36 Études transcendantes. He was a student of the legendary Duro, Vacchiano, Crisara, Nagel, Cichowicz, Adelstein and Gorham, and has been teaching at the University of Minnesota for more than 40 years. Today in Trumpet Magazine, we have the honor of publishing an interview we had with him and would like to share it with all of you. A must read!

Jason Evans: “As an Orchestral Trumpet Player, a Consistent Airflow Is Key”

The principal trumpet of the Philharmonia Orchestra and professor at the Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music of London (United Kingdom) is only 25 years old! Don’t miss this interview with this incredible Brit (and don’t miss some of his exercises he is sharing with Trumpet Magazine in PDF format!).

Huw Dann: “If You Never Practice Getting Tired, You’ll Never Get Tired”

He studied in his country, Australia, but also at Chosen Vale (USA), where he garnered knowledge from the likes of Hardenberger, Stevens, Gould, Stockhausen, Burns, Carroll and Cassone. On his return home, he began to collaborate with important orchestras until joining the Auckland Philharmonia of New Zealand where, at the age of 33, he is now the principal trumpet while also teaching at the University of Auckland. This is an opportunity to learn from what he has to teaching.

Aaron Romm: “I Stress the Importance of Consistent Progress Over Perfection”

Today we join our section of Interviews with Aaron Romm, someone who grew up surrounded by good music: his father is Ronald Romm (the historic member of Canadian Brass) and his mother, Avis Romm (a renowned collaborative pianist). Despite his youth, he has an amassed experience as a teacher and a performer. He currently teaches at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota, and has agreed to share a little of his time with Trumpet Magazine to respond to our questionnaire. Of course, he also supplied us with a PDF of exercises for our subscribers.
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