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Ronald Romm

We are thrilled to announce Trumpet Magazine's Artist of the Month for June 2021: Ronald Romm. Enjoy the content we have developed with him.
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Ronald Romm

Ronald Romm’s Highlights:

  • 1962: Freelance work in Los Angeles, first with Romm-Antics Orchestra, including work with Los Angeles Philharmonic. Ronald was a founding member of the Los Angeles Brass Quintet.
  • 1967: Freelance work in New York; founding member of New York Brass Society (Quintet), while attending the Juilliard School.
  • 1969: Married Avis Fedge.
  • 1970: Moved to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada as Principal/Co-Principal Trumpet of Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and founding member of The Canadian Brass. Throughout 30 years, he performed 4,500+ concerts with Canadian Brass, over 60 albums/videos with labels including RCA (BMG), CBS (Sony), Philips (Deutsche Grammophon), including collaborations with the brass sections of the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra, Berlin Philharmonic, Boston Symphony, New York Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, and more, TV and radio appearances on major worldwide broadcasting companies.
  • 1977: Canadian Brass was the first Western chamber group to tour and perform in China.
  • 1978: Canadian Brass toured Russia for the first time.
  • 1981: Became Yamaha Performing Artist.
  • 1985: Juno Award Winner (Canadian version of Grammy Awards).
  • 1988: Honorary Doctorate, Hartwick College.
  • 1992: Honorary Doctorate, New England Conservatory.
  • 1993: Grammy Award Nomination.
  • 2000: Honorary Doctorate of Letters, McMaster University. International concerts and masterclasses with Avis Romm.
  • 2001: Joined faculty of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Performed with faculty brass ensemble Illinois Brass Quintet, with which he has appeared in 60+ performances in the USA, Poland, and Spain.
  • 2006: Romm Trio formed, international performances and masterclasses.
  • 2012: International Trumpet Guild Honorary Award (Lifetime Achievement).
  • 2015: Becomes Warburton Signature Artist (concurrently with Yamaha).
  • 2020: Romm Trumpet Academy launched with flagship course, Ronnie Romm’s Fundamentals Mania!
  • 2021: Retired from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Booking concerts for when it is safe to travel!

Content Featuring Ronald Romm:


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