Sanganxa — The Store That Invests the Most in Promoting the Trumpet in Spain

The Sanganxa Music Store is the most powerful store in all of Spain that specializes in brass instruments — in fact, its annual turnover far exceeds that of all other, but it’s also the store that invests the most in promoting music and wind instruments. For the trumpet, it has specifically organized and financed more than 20 activities thus far this year, and has sponsored many more organized events by other entities.
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We live in a time when new pseudo music stores are emerging on the internet every day, and they sometimes offer tempting pricing that can save us a few dollars when purchasing an instrument. But in reality, we don’t stop to think about the consequences of this: the small savings at the end of the day can be very expensive in the long run, because behind those virtual stores sit a single person in front of their computer that will not be able to give any type of technical support that we will need in case we have any issues with our instrument. And it’s logical to think this online store has a very small profit margin (due to its low prices) and lacks the necessary infrastructure, only focusing on selling in bulk in order to garner their profit. They don’t have the time, nor the resources, to adequately service a troubled customer.

And the purchase of an instrument isn’t limited to just the time of purchase, but customer service should also extend to the post purchase period. It is very important to understand this: we must buy our instruments in places where, above all, we are guaranteed good after-sales service.

No one would think of purchasing an automobile on an internet site, without knowing who is selling it. When you spend an important amount of money to purchase such a delicate product, you want to see the faces of those who are selling it to you, you want them to listen to your needs, and of course you want them to solve any issues that may arise. With a musical instrument, the same thing happens: you’ll spend $1,000 to $4,000 on it, so buyer beware.

In Trumpet Magazine, we recommend that you always buy from a reputable store. Seller are everywhere; the difficulty is solving the problems that may arise after the sale. Always go to physical stores where you can enter in person and where they guarantee that they will attend to your needs.

In Spain, the most important brass shop is Sanganxa. And the “the most important” part is not our opinion: it truly is. One of the reasons why Sanganxa is the most important brass store in Spain seen through its data, that is just as objective as its annual turnover, which is much higher than other stores in Spain. Notice its evolution in the image.

Another reason is that they have many instruments on site, with different rooms dedicated to each instrument in order to try them out, and the store has 15 specialists who advise their customers according to their needs. They also have their own repair shop that, in addition to fine-tuning each instrument before its sale, allows their customers to return their purchased instrument for up to three months of the purchase date for any updates that may be needed, as well as setting up a personal meeting where they can alter anything you need on your instrument.

The facilities are another reason that Sanganxa can offer its customers when it comes to buying an instrument. Not only do they finance you, but they also have a Renewal Plan (you turn in your old instrument, have it appraised and that is used for the purchase towards a new instrument) and even a Repurchase Plan, in case you have buyer’s remorse or decide you do not like the instrument (with a term of up to 2 years).

But the main reason why we believe Sanganxa is Spain’s biggest brass store — in every way — is that it has created a cultural foundation, through which every year it devotes an important part of its earnings to promote different wind instruments through activities and events. Sanganxa has also crossed the border, it is no longer a simple music shop and has become almost a philanthropic and philharmonic organization. It allocates its own resources for the promotion of music.

Without going any further than this year, 2017, Sanganxa has organized, financed and sponsored more than 20 activities aimed at promoting the trumpet. All of these events were free of charge or at a reduced price:

And these events were only the trumpet. Imagine if we also added the activities they organize for other instruments, as well as the events organized by other entities that they choose to sponsor.

Trumpet players must value this. We must value that there are stores out there like this one, stores that worry about music beyond the simply selling of instruments.

If you go to Sanganxa to get purchase the cheapest instrument and that’s all… you’re wrong. There, you will find a large stock of instruments of the best brands at the right price, neither cheap nor expensive, but at the right price: at the price that allows Sanganxa to be able to offer you all their added services.

Within our Videos section, there is a 10-minute Sanganxa report where you can see the shop inside out, and the philosophy of its president and the people who work there… We are sure you will enjoy it!

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