Barat’s Andante et Scherzo

This is a small piece that Barat wrote in the 1920s for the French National Conservatory, which begins with great lyricism and ends in a quick scherzo.

Orchestral Excerpts — 3rd Trumpet

Most orchestra auditions require orchestral extracts of the 1st and sometimes 2nd trumpets. But there are also auditions where they want to hear you playing 3rd trumpet parts, so it was only fair that we dedicated a course to this repertoire.

The French School by Ernesto Chuliá

In this essential course, Ernesto Chuliá —a pupil of Maurice André— explains the characteristics of the French School through the most important French methods (Arban, Franquin, Petit…).

Michael Sarian’s Routine

Brooklyn trumpet player, composer and bandleader Michael Sarian shares with us the interesting trumpet routine that allows him to be ready for his multiple performances.

David Krauss’ Routine

For an orchestral soloist like David Krauss, a short but effective warm up is essential to carry out his work with the utmost precision. In this course he explains his way of thinking about it and gives us some exercises in case we want to take ideas for our own warm up.

Your Sound Is Your Ultimate Teacher

Pay close attention, because the content of this course is pure gold: the entire trumpet philosophy of one of the people who know our instrument best, Stephen Burns, condensed in just over an hour and a half. Lessons that range from how we should focus our study to how to phrase, for example. A real gem.

The Amazing World of Mutes

The existing types of mutes and their multiple applications is a rather complex and interesting topic. In this course you will find some tips that will be useful in this regard.

Kennan’s Sonata for Trumpet and Piano

Kennan's Sonata is one of the most important pieces in the contemporary American trumpet repertoire, and in Trumpet Magazine we have some specialists in contemporary American trumpet music, so who better than them to teach us how to work it?

Orchestral Excerpts — 4th Trumpet

We already have courses dedicated to the orchestral repertoire for 1st, 2nd and 3rd trumpets, but there are also auditions for 4th trumpet. So we wanted to create this course focused on working this kind of repertoire, for which we have real specialists in lower parts.

Friedman’s Romantic Sonata for Trumpet and Piano

The "Romantic Sonata" for trumpet and piano is one of the most beautiful compositions by Stanley Friedman (well known for his work "Solus" contemporary style). Discover this original romantic piece for our instrument, and learn to work on it! You will want to add this to your solo repertoire!

Respighi’s Pines of Rome

As a trumpet player, you must know the basic orchestral excerpts of our repertoire, and Respighi's Pines of Rome is one of them.
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