Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2

The Brandenburg Concert No. 2 is one of the most famous and at the same time hardest works for trumpet players, so you have to be smart when practicing it. Our teachers will help you to do so.

Trumpet Basics by Vince DiMartino

As we all know, Vince is someone who has dedicated his entire life to the trumpet. To us, he is a fountain of knowledge and we have enormous luck that he is with us at Trumpet Magazine. In this extremely interesting course, Vince goes over various aspects that he considers basic in order to dominate our instrument.

Routine for a 21st Century Trumpet Player

In this course, Chris Kase is sharing his warm up routine and technique practice, demonstrating several examples of the exercises he uses on a daily basis.

Friedman’s Solus

It was in 1975 when Stanley Friedman wrote his “Solus,” a four movement work for solo trumpet, without accompaniment. Today, “Solus” has turned into one of the most sought after pieces in the contemporary repertoire for trumpet and it’s studied in schools all over the world. In Trumpet Magazine, we have such luck to have the one and only Stanley Friedman as one of our professors, so in this course, he explains how to work on his piece. Don’t miss out on this!

Trumpet Fundamentals by José Sibaja

José Sibaja (member of Boston Brass, associate professor at Vanderbilt University and a legendary session musician) condenses his trumpet philosophy in this series of video lessons.

Kenneth DeCarlo’s Routine

Kenneth's routine is very balanced throughout the register. In fact, he places special emphasis in the lower register, since his duties in the orchestra require him to be. If you want to obtain a good lower register, you’re going to get many positive ideas from this course.

Orchestral Excerpts — 2nd Trumpet

As we have a course dedicated to the orchestral repertoire for 1st Trumpet, we wanted to dedicate another complete course to the specific orchestral repertoire for 2nd Trumpet, as these are also important parts that are often requested in auditions.

Enescu’s Legend

"Légende" is a work for trumpet and piano, composed by George Enescu in 1906 for the Paris Conservatory final trumpet competition, and premiered in the said competition by pupils of Merri Franquin. Today it is a key piece of our repertoire.

Caruso’s “Lips + Mouthpiece + Trumpet” Exercises

Brian Neal shares with us the exercises "Lips + Mouthpiece + Trumpet" that Carmine Caruso himself passed onto Julie Landsman (solo horn of the Metropolitan Opera of New York for 25 years), and Landsman later gave to Brian. You have to pay close attention to the explanations, because if you are doing these exercises well, it can take your technique to a higher level. Doing them wrong, however, could hurt you.

Schlossberg by Thibaud

Pierre Thibaud made a personal compilation of the Schlossberg method, dividing it into 3 parts (Warm-Up, Flexibility and Staccato), taking the most important exercises, and modifying some of them so that it would be possible to play it all in about 2½ hours (and it can be very beneficial if done well). Thibaud shared this compilation to Manu Mellaerts (principal trumpet of La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra, professor at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and leader of Belgian Brass) and now Mellaerts is sharing it with the members of Trumpet Magazine. Undoubtedly, this series of video lessons is a gem, take advantage of it.

You Must Be Smarter Than the Trumpet

In this great series of video lessons, Dennis Edelbrock (adjunct professor of Trumpet at George Mason University) offers us his enormous experience as a trumpeter and as a teacher, teaching us how to practice intelligently and getting the most out of it.
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