Advice on How to Play an Instrument More Efficiently

In this course by Ph.D. Guillermo Dalia (a Spanish Psychologist specialising in musicians) you will receive a ton of suggestions on how to improve your efficiency on your instrument. It could be for your practice session, for the day of the concert or for the necessary mental and physical rest required by playing.

Barat’s Orientale

A beautiful descriptive work, ideal for students that are starting studies at an elementary level.

Psychology for Musicians

Athletes and performing artists, in general, have psychologists and coaches. Why is this sometimes a taboo for musicians? In this course we intend to compile advice for musicians by specialized psychologists, we hope it will be helpful for you!

Practice While Paying Attention to Details

José Cháfer gives us an extremely complete practice routine that takes in the majority of technical aspects necessary for playing the trumpet. He pays special attention not on what to practice but on how to practice them.

Bozza’s Badinage

This burlesque piece is one of the most played and studied pieces from the repertoire lists of professional conservatories.

Ropartz’s Andante et Allegro

Guy Ropartz was a prolific French composer whose musical style was influenced by Debussy and Franck. He left only one work to the trumpet, but it has become a key piece in our repertoire.

An Approach to Commercial Music

Manuel Machado (Cuba, 1962), former member of Irakere, is today one of the leading trumpet players in Spanish commercial music.

Hoch’s Rêve d’amour

Théo Hoch was a prominent German cornet player who emigrated to the United States, where he became incredibly popular. But he was also a composer, and left us one of our well-known romantic works for cornet: "Rêve d'amour" ("Dream of Love"), also known as "Der Liebestraum" in German.

Trumpet Play-Alongs

In this course you have at your disposal a handful of play-alongs to practice. Enjoy!

Introduction to Mariachi Music

Maestro Miguel Viurquis is an outstanding artist of Mexican mariachi and popular music, and here he gives us a few tips in case we want to introduce ourselves to this style.

Charlier’s 36 Études Transcendantes

This is one of the most important etudes books written for trumpet. It is very popular in schools and is often required material for orchestra and band auditions all over the world.
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