Benjamin Moreno’s Routine

In this comprehensive course, Benjamín Moreno reviews all the points he goes through daily in his practice routine: breathing, buzzing, bending, flexibility, articulation... Very interesting!

Learning Methodology by Jordi Albert

Jordi Albert, Ph.D., is a trumpet player and pedagogue who has become very famous for helping musicians with learning difficulties. At Trumpet Magazine we are fortunate to have him share his innovative methodology with us. Over a 6 hours course!

Stravinsky’s Pulcinella

The ballet “Pulcinella” contains two important trumpet performances: one in the Toccata (so called because of its inspiration in Baroque music) and the other in the Finale.

Improvisation for Insiders

We have an improvisation course for beginners, and it was right to also have an improvisation course for those who already have basic notions and want to go further — just for the brave!

Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G major

The most difficult part of these important trumpet excerpts is the tempo. It can be just a little too fast for single tonguing or just a little bit too slow for double tonguing.

Bizet’s Carmen

Bizet's opera, Carmen, contains some of the most famous passages for trumpet and also some of the most in demand for auditions.

Improvisation for Beginners

If you don't know how to improvise but you'd like to learn, this is the perfect course to start with.

Mahler’s Symphony No. 5

You are looking at what is perhaps the most important orchestral solo in the trumpet's repertoire. We have gathered a few great orchestral soloists to tell you what they know about it.

Beethoven’s Leonore Overtures

Beethoven even composed ten overtures for his only opera: Leonore (originally called Fidelio), and the trumpet has special prominence in two of them: No. 2 and No. 3.

Orchestral Excerpts — 1st Trumpet

A course where you will learn everything you need to know about the orchestral excerpts that are usually requested in auditions (except for the most important ones, to which we dedicate their own specialized courses).

Haydn’s Concerto

The most famous concerto for trumpet and one of the most frequent on auditions for orchestras and bands all over the world.
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