Enjoy trumpet during lockdown

Enjoy Trumpet During Lockdown With Tomplay

This app is an excellent tool for musicians of all levels and instruments. It has unique features such as orchestra and piano accompaniment that allow you to enjoy trumpet during the lockdown.
Edward H. Tarr's Birthday

Concert In Memoriam Edward Tarr

At the request of Irmy Tarr, Edward Tarr's widow, we publish in Trumpet Magazine the letter that the famous trumpeter Reinhold Friedrich (Ed's student) has written as an invitation to this "In memoriam" Concert.

Edward H. Tarr

Our February Featured Artist sadly passed away on March 24, 2020. But before he passed away, he was kind enough to record for the members of Trumpet Magazine the last interview he gave during his lifetime. Today, we are honored to bring it to you.

Chad McCullough’s Forward

Personnel: Chad McCullough — trumpet & composer Rob Clearfield — piano Matt Ulery — bass Jon Deitemyer — drums Ryan…

Michael Sarian’s New Aurora

It’s happening — Michael Sarian is "going postal," i.e. an album release tour turned CD share via chain mail is upon us! One copy of New Aurora is making a dozen stops across eleven cities, two countries and four different time zones via friends, friends of friends and family. "Not sure how long this will take, but I cannot thank everyone involved enough for being a part of this crazy idea!" — Michael Sarian

Last Few Days to Register for the Apex Trumpet Symposium (via Zoom)

The Apex Trumpet Symposium was founded by Mary Elizabeth Bowden, David Dash, and Nathan Warner. Apex brings participants into the sphere of some of the most successful and innovative artists from around the world. Apex serves as a challenging program for emerging professionals, college music majors, developing amateur players, and budding young artists alike.

Trumpetland.com Is Now Trumpet Magazine

In this new journey, all video lessons will now be free (only for subscribers), and we also give you the opportunity to earn extra money from home. Find out about all the news here!
Edward H. Tarr

In Memoriam Edward H. Tarr

Irmtraud Tarr, widow of Edward H. Tarr, has written this obituary to the trumpet world with the wish of sharing Ed’s life. It is not a conventional obituary (with successes and achievements) but an emotional one, showing what Ed was really like as a person. We send a huge hug to Irmy from Trumpetland.

Carrying a Library in Your Pocket

If you are looking for a way to instantly access a full library of music with tens of thousands of titles, the app 'nkoda' is for you!