Yamaha YTR-8340EM: Eric Miyashiro’s Trumpet

Do you know what brand of trumpet is used by one of the greatest high note players of today is? We are looking into this. You may be surprised by a ‘little secret’ that hides in this jewel…

Buying a New Mouthpiece Made Easy by Legends Brass

Are you searching for a new trumpet mouthpiece that is of the highest quality available on the market but still affordable? If this is you, look no further than Legends Brass.

Reparabrass, the New Online Store, a Repair Service by Stomvi

Don't expect to find used instruments at half the price in this store, because this isn't what it's all about. Although some are second hand, they have only been played by the staff at Stomvi, which have been tweaked by the highest of professionals. All instruments have undergone a review and an exhaustive tune-up, even changing a part if it is convenient.

A Conversation With the Canadian Brass

The members of the Canadian Brass have a full agenda of concerts, so we feel very honored that they have dedicated some of their time to Trumpet Magazine. Stop what you are doing and take a look at our conversation with them!

IFOB 2019: Much More Than a Festival

Next weekend, Pamplona will be filled with good music, a multitude of activities with bands, chamber ensembles and international soloists: José Sibaja (Boston Brass), Joey Tartell, Pacho Flores, Mnozil Brass (Austria), Spanish Brass, and teachers and ensembles of Brass Academy Alicante (Spain)…