A Conversation With the Canadian Brass

The members of the Canadian Brass have a full agenda of concerts, so we feel very honored that they have dedicated some of their time to Trumpet Magazine. Stop what you are doing and take a look at our conversation with them!

IFOB 2019: Much More Than a Festival

Next weekend, Pamplona will be filled with good music, a multitude of activities with bands, chamber ensembles and international soloists: José Sibaja (Boston Brass), Joey Tartell, Pacho Flores, Mnozil Brass (Austria), Spanish Brass, and teachers and ensembles of Brass Academy Alicante (Spain)…

David Pastor, the Trumpeter of Multiple Languages

David Pastor’s voice is always full of positivity, enthusiasm and energy, even when he accumulates hours and hours of work, even by telephone, in the middle of Istanbul’s busy airport (Turkey), where a long stop awaits him for his return home.

Esteban Batallán — When Dreams Become Reality

We tell you the story of this young Spanish trumpeter who has achieved his highest professional aspiration (and that of many trumpeters): taking the chair of Adolph Herseth in the Chicago Symphony. Don’t miss this inspiring report.

Shires’ Q Series Trumpets — The Best of Both Worlds

The prestigious American brand S.E. Shires has managed to design 4 models of trumpets (2 in B-flat and 2 in C) with quite a few characteristics typical of professional instruments, without a price increase. It’s the 'Q Series'. Let’s tell you about it.

One of the Oldest International Music Courses in Spain

The Benidorm International Music Course in Alicante (Spain), which has become a musical reference for the summer, celebrates 31 uninterrupted sessions. The next date is from July 1-5, 2019.

Training Scholarships for Professors That Have Students With Braces

Pedagogue Dr. Jordi Albert, through the International Research Institute for Music Learning, offers a teachers training course entitled "Orthodontia while learning a brass instrument", which helps brass teachers and students to continue playing their instrument with these "dreaded" orthodontics. There will be 6 full scholarships available (applications can be sent in until January 25, 2019). Space is Limited!

The Spanish National Orchestra Trumpeters Start Their Own Quintet — brassONEquintet

The trumpeters are Adán Delgado (principal) and Juan Antonio Martínez (assistant principal), and they have started their own quintet with other brass members of the orchestra. As part of the “Satellite Series” of concerts, on Dec 16, 2018, the quintet will be giving their first concert in the National Auditorium in Spain, and because of this we wanted to interview them.

An Interview with Selina Ott — First Prize Winner, ARD Competition in Munich, 2018

We wanted to interview this young Austrian for Trumpet Magazine, who just won the first prize in the 2018 edition of the International Music Competition of the ARD in Munich (Germany), in the specialty of trumpet. After talking with her, we can conclude that Selina has three important qualities: humility, talent and hard work.