The Only Teaching Center in Spain Where Your Professors Are Trumpeters of the Madrid Symphony and Spanish Radio and Television Orchestra

The application process takes place in Progreso Musical (the music center authorized by the Community of Madrid) for Elementary, Performance Certificate and Bachelor studies. This year, the trumpet teachers will be Borja Antón and Benjamín Moreno (of the Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra), and joined by Francesc Castelló and Marcos García Vaquero (from the Madrid Symphony Orchestra). In addition, the renowned international soloist Pacho Flores and Gábor Tarkövi (principal of the Berlin Philharmonic) will be the guest teachers.

What Type of Witchcraft Is This?

Searching through the web, you find a video on YouTube that leave you speechless: an entire orchestra playing with digital scores that advance by themselves, without the need for the musician to turn the page. Under the video, a user's comment says: "An incredible app that will change the way musicians read and play music".

David Perrico: The Trumpeter Who Conquered Las Vegas

After working for a handful of years in the legendary Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, as well as with many other artists and shows (including Natalie Cole and Toni Braxton), David Perrico settled permanently in Las Vegas where he triumphed with the Pop Strings Orchestra, a group of singers and musicians living in the famous hotel and casino of Caesars Palace. His shows led him to win the Best of Las Vegas award in 2013.

The Ultimate Guide to Adams Trumpets

Characteristics, construction materials, measurements… After reading this guide, you will be a true expert in Adams instruments.

An Attractive Way to Introduce the Trumpet to Children as Well as Older Adults

Joan Enric Bonastre (specialized in the teaching of music and literature) is the one responsible for creating 'Tom and Around the World on the Trumpet', a musical tale with the trumpet as the protagonist, and an excellent way of presenting our instrument to the youngest of students in schools, with the aim of showing the instrument’s possibilities in a fun and enjoyable way. Carlos Herruz, professor of trumpet, and a specialist on baroque trumpet, was the author of the recording.

Reparabrass — An Atelier in Spain That Trumpeters Should Keep in Mind

Honiba S.A., the Spanish company that belongs to Stomvi, doesn’t just dedicate itself to making instrument and mouthpieces, but also brass repairs. For your repairs, you can count on Reparabrass, a shop that is very well equipped with sophisticated technology, with the experience and artisan precision coming from men and women that have worked with jewelry manufacturing.

Sanganxa — The Store That Invests the Most in Promoting the Trumpet in Spain

The Sanganxa Music Store is the most powerful store in all of Spain that specializes in brass instruments — in fact, its annual turnover far exceeds that of all other, but it’s also the store that invests the most in promoting music and wind instruments. For the trumpet, it has specifically organized and financed more than 20 activities thus far this year, and has sponsored many more organized events by other entities.

After a Tour Through the United States, the Jordi Albert Center in Spain Will Re-Open Classes in September

Trumpet and Pedagogue, Jordi Albert, is very well known in Spain and in México for his work with professional musicians and students with dystonia and other learning disabilities. He was invited this year by ITG to give a talk during their annual Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania over the summer, and afterwards was invited to give a series of master classes at several American universities in the coming month.
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