This Novel Practice Mute for Trumpet Will Amaze You

Professional trumpeters and engineers jointly conducted research in order to create the perfect practice mute to date. The result is a mute with which barely a note is heard, and with which the trumpeter can easily play without restrictions or strange modifications to the air stream or adjusting for the tuning.

‘Clarines de Batalla’ — The First Spanish Baroque Music Record With Solo Trumpet

The IBS Classical label has just released the first recording dedicated to the Spanish baroque trumpet, a compilation of pieces by Martín y Coll (1660-1734) recorded by Vicente Alcaide (natural trumpet), Abraham Martínez (organ) and Álvaro Garrido (Percussion) under the musical production of the famous Italian trumpeter, Igino Conforzi.

Mahler 5 in Charleston, SC (USA)

On April 21 and 22, 2017 the Charleston Symphony Orchestra has programmed Symphony No. 5 by Gustav Mahler, a work that includes one of the most famous and important solos that the trumpet has in its orchestral repertoire. It is this solo that will be performed by Antonio Martí — principal trumpet of the orchestra.

Matthew Simon, Professor in the Trumpet Magazine School, Is on Tour With Roberto Fonseca

Roberto Fonseca is the Cuban pianist who made his name playing along side with Ibrahim Ferrer and the legendary Buena Vista Social Club Band and is now marveling his audiences with his new solo act. His earlier work, YO, was nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Latin Jazz Album. The British newspaper The Guardian has called him «a fabulous pianist, composer and band director with a special talent for melody-making far and above most of his fellow colleagues».

Brass Academy Alicante Will Open a Subsidiary in Valencia (Spain)

The Brass Academy Alicante (BAA) is a private center that has been offering beginning lessons for brass musicians at the highest level for eight years. The impeccable record of professional success of their students has turned them into an academy in which many want to attend (many of the students are not only from Spain, but from other countries as well).

14 Advanced Jazz Studies for Trumpet

Chris Kase is the author of 'Odd Meter Escapades', a method that challenges our ability to play in unusual time signatures with fourteen jazz studies in 5/4, 7/4, 9/4, 11/4.

Stomvi Titan ‘Four Valve Edition’

It is obvious that brass instruments musical scene has evolved considerably in the past few decades: more demanding compositions, more extensive registers, more intense sonority, etc. This has led us to contemplate some doubts: What has happened to the technical evolution of instruments? Has there been a parallel evolution? Are instruments at the height of the demands required today? Is the instrument players’ technique adequate, or is it influenced by the limitations of the instrument?
Trumpet Evolution

The Evolution of Trumpet

Up to the instrument of our days, the trumpet has had many forms throughout its history.
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