The New Video of Guido Segers With the Adams Trumpets

Just days ago, Adams surprised us with the post of a short, but very nice video of Guido Segers.
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In a series of videos that Dutch brass and percussion manufacturer, Adams, is making with its artists, last week they published a video of Guido Segers, principal trumpet of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (who we already had the pleasure of interviewing not too long ago).

The video, lasting approx. 3 minutes, is of great quality and Guido talks a little about the region from which he is from, as well as his lasting relationship with the prestigious brand.

But without doubt, the most striking aspect of this small production is Guido’s sound quality, heard playing the famous Charlier Etude No. 2 with his C trumpet, and testing his piccolo in the workshop, playing Tartini.

Stop reading this and watch the video now:


The C1 and C2 models are the Adams C trumpet models, made for classical soloists and the orchestral trumpeter. Specifically, the C1 is somewhat brighter and its sound has more direction than the C2. It is designed especially for the soloist and for the principal trumpet of an orchestra, with huge projection and a lot of precision that cuts through the entire orchestra.

Brass bell of 4.72 inches (120.00 mm).
XL pipe of .470 inches (12.00 mm).
Bell gauge of .020 inches (0.50 mm).


This model is the product of a collaboration with Guido Segers, and is mainly oriented towards orchestra trumpeters, but it is also very popular among jazz soloists. It has a wide bore and the largest lead pipe made by Adams: 2L, which helps the transmission of sound. Ideal for those who seek the feeling of the instrument sounding with all the air you blow.

Gold brass bell of 4.96 inches (126.00 mm).
L pipe of .470 inches (12.00 mm).
Bell gauge of .016 inches (0.40 mm).


The piccolo trumpet of Adams is well received by all types of musicians, whether orchestral, soloists, chamber music or even jazz. Good tuning, projection and crispness. But you can also make special customizations, such as a narrower lead pipe (to add some resistance and get a more intimate sound), a silver bell, a trigger on the slides to have improve intonation, or the novel piston mechanism Adams designed for faster and quieter valves.

Gold brass bell of 3.94 inches (100.00 mm).
Pipe of .453 inches (11.50 mm).
Bell gauge of .018 inches (0.45 mm).

If you are interested in trying Adams, you should know that we refer everyone to Sanganxa Music Store. And not only for the great prices, but because they have a team of professionals that specialize in each instrument, and when you call them on the phone, there will be someone there that can actually give you sound advice.

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