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Treasures at Dillon Music

If anyone knows about old trumpets, it's Steve Dillon. During this visit to Dillon Music, Steve showed us a beautiful keyed bugle manufactured by E.G. Wright in Boston in the mid-nineteenth century and a rare "box valve" cornet manufactured by Hall & Quinby, also in Boston at the same time. We also had the opportunity to discover some curiosities that will amaze you as much as they did us. You have to watch this video!

Posthumous Interview With Edward H. Tarr

Before his death, the prestigious trumpeter and musicologist Edward H. Tarr gave his last interview to Trumpet Magazine members. Family, music, wife, anecdotes. This video is a lovely memorial of Ed for all of us who love him.

Interview With José Sibaja

We all know who José Sibaja is. He’s a trumpeter (Yamaha artist) that we have heard a million times on recordings and tours by some of the most known salsa and pop artists and with orchestras and his famous brass quintet, Boston Brass. And today, we have the honor to know him a little more. Don’t miss it!

Dillon Music – Store (USA)

Today in Trumpet Magazine, we open the doors to the most mythical music stores that have ever existed, Dillon Music. Would you like to know more about Steve Dillon, the founder, president, and see who works inside the store? Then don’t miss this excellent video report, which is almost 15 minutes in length!

Sanganxa – Store (Spain)

We open the doors to Sanganxa, the most strong store for wind instruments in Spain. In 10 minutes, you’ll meet its founder and employees and learn about the company's beautiful philosophy.

Interview With Rex Richardson

We have lunch in a restaurant in Fairfax, Virginia (USA), with one of the most eclectic trumpeters at the moment: Rex Richardson, a great personality!
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